Why do you exercise?

“What have you done for me lately” as Eddie Murphy would say… But seriously, why do you exercise? Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve? Why…

You are always hearing that exercise is important, and that you should make sure that you are taking time out of your busy schedule to fit in a daily sweat session. Sometimes though, it can be hard to remember the most important reason for why you are working out. No, I’m not talking about to be skinny, or to lose weight, or for a six pack/thigh gap or for whatever fitspo trend is going around this week. (The bikini bridge has got to be one of the stupidest)

Why are you actually working out? To lose weight? Ok, but WHY do you want that.. “Because I’ll be happy then.”

Are you working out to relieve stress? Yes.. So WHY do you want to relieve stress? Because I will have more energy.. And how will you feel when you have more energy? “Because then, I’ll be healthy”

Sound familiar??

When you really drill down, you are working out to be HAPPY and HEALTHY. You are working out to live a healthy life, and to be your best self. The person that you know you can be.

When you’re healthy, you can accomplish so much more in life, and when you are happy, you become more accomplished. Yin and yang. So it’s no surprise that you want to exercise (most days).. You are not just doing it for your body, but for your mind and for your happiness. It really is a triple win!

But what about those days that you’re wondering why you need to keep working out, that’s usually when your mind needs it the most. Your body will thank you in the long term (but you already know that, right?).. However your mind is questioning it all.. You’re stuck in the thought of being happy THEN (some future point) and not being happy now (the only time you can make change happen).

If you are not happy now, you will not be happy THEN. When is ‘then’ anyway? You must be happy first. It’s so super important that you start routines or start change from a positive place. Start to focus on how far you have come, appreciate your body, appreciate your strength, and be happy with how you look, how you feel and how you move.

Exercise is so much more than the physical. So think about what you want.. Think about your WHY. Think about how you will FEEL when you get there. See yourself achieving your goals. Write it all down. Have it all around you. Surround yourself with nothing but thoughts of health & happiness in your future. Suddenly, then becomes now.

Stick to your routine. Work on your mental game. This is your time to shine.

I believe in you.