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Is there an age limit?

Our group classes are currently for people aged 18 and over. Watch this space though…

How much does it cost?

We have memberships that range in price which give you access to group classes, personal training sessions, nutrition assistance and other member benefits. You can check out the memberships here.

Where are the classes held?

Classes are currently held in Prospect, and are held outdoors during summer, and move indoors over winter. You can find the current location here.

Do I need any boxing experience?

Not at all. As a new member, you will complete technique sessions prior to joining the group classes, so you’ll feed confident when coming along to your first group class.
You may also feel some muscle soreness as you become used to moving your body differently, but we can provide low intensity options to cater to your fitness level.

Can I bring a friend/partner?

Of course! As soon as they’ve completed their technique sessions, they will be joining you in the group classes. However, many of our clients started out by attending on their own, and have quickly made friends along the way.

So who are the classes for?

Box it Out classes are for people who are ready to focus on their fitness, strength and confidence, not gimmicky weight loss techniques..

What can I expect a class to be like? Will we punch and run for the hour?

You’ll never know, because classes are always different. It all depends on which trainer is taking the class and what they have in store for you..

How many people are in a class?

Classes can have up to 20 members in them.

Do I need to have my own gloves? What else do I need?

Due to hygiene, you will need your own hand wraps, boxing gloves, a yoga mat, bottle of water, and a positive attitude. For outdoor sessions, it is also a good idea to wear a hat and use sunscreen. It is strongly preferred that you purchase your own individual boxing gloves (not bag mitts). The easiest way to tell is if the thumb is padded, and connected to the glove via a piece of fabric, that’s a boxing glove. If there is no thumb protection other than a piece of material, that’s a bag mitt. If you do not have your own, you can hire a pair of gloves from us for $5/wk.

What are hand wraps and where do I get them from?

Hand wraps are similar to fingerless gloves that also protect your knuckles and offer support for your wrists. You can purchase wraps from sports stores like Rebel Sport, but we sell quick wraps ($15) and long wraps ($10), if you need some. If you are purchasing them from a sports store, make sure you ask for quick wraps (~$20). Only purchase long hand wraps (~$15) if you know how to use them.

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