We help you to LOVE who you see in the mirror.


  • Ready to become your fittest, leanest and healthiest, ever?
  • Want to have endless energy?
  • Ready to have the confidence to wear what you want?
Every single person deserves to feel strong and confident, and any changes to weight and body shape flow from this. Weight loss can be easy, but it should be the by product, not the main event.

If you are looking to finally enjoy living in your body and start walking with confidence again, then give Box it Out a try!

Box it Out is all about making fitness fun, and just like me, it can become your new lifestyle, too.

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Group Fitness



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No pressure


No egos!

Getting Started

Our Classes

Our mission is to train and empower people who are unhappy with their bodies to become confident and absolutely LOVE who they see in the mirror!

Step One

Technique Sessions

Learn how to punch, knee, and kick safely and how to padhold confidently for all hits.

Step Two

Group Class Trial

Try our classes to see if we are the right fit for each other.

Step Three

Become a Box it Out badass

Join our welcoming group and get access to all of your membership benefits.


Group Classes and Personal Training

what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

Since joining Box It Out, I’ve been motivated to keep coming along and challenge myself with new fitness goals. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable, with plenty of enthusiasm to keep you moving at every session, and will work with you to identify where you can improve your technique. I love feeling stronger, taller and more clear-headed at the end of every session. Big thanks to Deanna and the team for their energy! 


Everyone is liked minded, they are there to improve their fitness and have a great time! I was quite worried I wouldn’t gain enough strength or coordination when learning boxing. But now I get to teacher my partner some cool moves and I can lift heavier objects. Quick story – we have a huge heavy jarrah table outside. Before boxing I could barely hold it up using my hands (with my partner at the other end) for a few seconds. Now thanks to boxing, I’ve got enough strength to shuffle it when he wants to move it.


Good, friendly, motivated instructors and a mix of friendly students to blow steam off with and try to get fit all at the same time with always something different. I thought I’d seen numerous different stretches over my time and exercise routines being ex navy but Box it Out covers it all! Nothing like punching the hell out of some pads to at day’s end, plainly and simply. Great!



If you want to begin toning up, getting fit, focusing on your health and absolutely LOVING who you see in the mirror, it’s time to get started!