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I started going to Box it Out to reignite my commitment to fitness and strengthening my body, particularly after having a child. Deanna is so welcoming and takes time to really help all of her clients feel comfortable.

I had never done boxing before this so it was reassuring to have a trainer who was so focused on teaching all the necessary movements and tips to get into it and progress easily.

I also find it difficult to attend classes because of having children and Deanna was so open to have my daughter in the classes, even offering her some gloves to jump in and have a go!

I cannot recommend this business enough. If you are looking for a place to feel safe while getting back into a fitness and health lifestyle regime, this is your place!


I made a New Years resolution for me to challenge myself to get out of my comfort zone. I’ve been curious about boxing for a long time but never did anything about it, probably because I was scared as it was something I was so unfamiliar with. But one day I woke up and decided not to keep making excuses. This is when I started Google searching for places and Box it Out seemed like the best fit for me.

I had many concerns to begin with because I was nervous starting something like this alone and didn’t know if I’d fit in. But during the technique sessions with Dave and Dee, they were really encouraging and made me feel very comfortable from the start. Everybody I’ve met has also been so welcoming and supportive. I knew I had made the right choice choosing Box It Out when I didn’t have to force myself to attend just for the sake of staying fit.

I’ve been with Box It Out for about 4 months now, and have noticed many benefits! I feel stronger, more energised and happier overall. It doesn’t feel like a chore to work out anymore. My clothes are also fitting better now which is always great!

I would recommend Box It Out to anyone who wants to keep active in a fun, supportive and positive environment. Anyone who is or has been afraid to try boxing/kicking (just like me) needs to definitely give Box It Out a go!!!


I’d vaguely considered kickboxing before a friend invited me to try Box It Out with her. Years later here I am still, I love that it is not just your typical gym/gym class but a community. I’ll admit I was hesitant about the cost as it is more than the mainstream gyms, but I have tried the big gyms but none have ever stuck because they are so impersonal. Of course the classes are great at Box it out, that’s a given, but what I love most is that I’ll go to classes even when I am exhausted and not at all motivated just because I want to catch up with everyone (and end up enjoying a great workout anyways). Deanna has created a great space which you won’t find anywhere else.

Box It Out is THE place to join if you are looking to better your life. Not only will you achieve great physical results, you will become a happier and healthier soul.
Deanna and the trainers prepare incredible sessions. They have a wealth of knowledge and are fantastic role models, inspiring and motivating all who seek their help.
Box It Out has built a culture that is very inclusive and positive. People from all backgrounds and interests come together to help each other achieve as a collective as well as individually.
Get in touch with Box It Out, you don’t know what you’re missing out on!!!

What a wonderful, inclusive kickboxing gym – not your typical gym!!! Catering to all fitness levels, and very encouraging when just starting out. Flexible enough that I can bring my son while I work out. Great location, with lots of parking. Thanks D for making me enjoy working out!!!


We are very happy we found Box it out! My son was keen to keep boxing but without the sparring. We tried a few places for fitness and came across this gym. The instructors are excellent and my technique is improving. Have found that kickboxing and boxing with the bags are a great way to stay fit and incorporate some cardio! Highly recommend.


Let me just start out by saying this is no typical kickboxing gym! It’s a community, a place to feel comfortable while you become a better version of yourself no matter what your level of fitness is. I tried a different place before I tried Box It Out and honestly I’m so glad I found D and the team because you actually get personal guidance, it’s not just a big loud intimidating gym. Everyone is so welcoming and inclusive. If you want to get fit, have fun and support an amazing local community and business, come and check this place out! You will not regret it!!!


Love this Gym!! So welcoming and genuine. A great place to learn kickboxing and get a good workout while also having fun and a lot of laughs! Been going for 3 years now and it really feels like a home away from home. Highly recommend giving them a try.


Since joining I have felt constantly like my needs are being met and that I’m getting even more out of being a part of this team than I had ever imagined. Everything is explained in a way where I never feel overwhelmed or intimidated, I only feel like I’m about to kick ass at what ever it is!
While I do want to be dropping more weight I haven’t been quite as focused on that as I am definitely becoming more toned and losing cm’s. Only wish I had measured myself before i started coming along. I am feeling more confident in myself and my body and really couldn’t ask for much more than that!
What led me to Box it Out was a pretty long journey. After getting out of a bad relationship and into a very very good and healthy one, my boyfriend and I really enjoyed being “foodies” and definitely went overboard on going out and over indulging and over eating a lot, which led to me gaining over 30kgs. All from good happy times, but we both needed to get back to the fit people we used to be and so started little 12 week challenges and fitness challenges here and there. We started walking then slowly started walking more and before we knew it we were jogging twice as far as we could even manage to walk when we started. Then we challenged ourselves to do the 6km city to bay and were over the moon when we finished it. In this time we also quit smoking and changed our diet and became health food “foodies”. We were feeling so good but wanted more, needed to reach further and didn’t know how to go about that. Years ago I did Pilates from YouTube videos so I went back to doing that and my boyfriend started running and looking into gyms. But I still wanted more and to be pushed harder. Where I work, I work in a very small team and sometimes days go by and I wont see another person, so the idea came to me to take up a group activity, make friends, be social. I had friends do boot camps and thought that might be for me but I couldn’t find anything I felt comfortable with. Another girlfriend of mine did some martial art but I wasn’t sure about that either. Then I remembered as a kid I wanted so badly to do kickboxing but my parents are, for lack of a better word, big hippies, and didn’t want me doing that kind of thing. So kickboxing it was! After looking around, everywhere else seemed very full of themselves and tried to get across a “we are tough don’t come here unless you’re tough too” vibe which didn’t sit well with me. After reading reviews of some of these places it was clear that they were very Ego driven places and some people had even mentioned bullying which almost put me off the whole idea completely. Then I came across Box it Out and it honestly seemed too good to be true. As a very reserved and shy person it seemed welcoming enough for me to try and step out of my shell a bit and it was even better than I had hoped! The first 2 technique sessions made me feel like I could definitely take what ever was thrown at me at the classes and I got so excited that right off the bat I was happy and comfortable and enjoying myself. Which is a huge credit to Deanna as she single handedly boosted my confidence and made me feel able to achieve what I was looking for, which is awesome! I was not expecting all of the extras that have come with being a Box it Out member. I had honestly assumed it would be learning techniques and hitting pads and that’s where it would end. I did not expect the feeling of community, the online help, the goal and habit tracking and attention on mental health as well as physical. I cant stress enough how blown away I am with this group! I feel so very very lucky to have come across it and other like minded and wonderful people were also a part of it. I’m feeling so much better and like I can take on the world but I am also so excited to see how I can push myself further.
I have already recommended Box it Out to almost everyone I know, anyone at any age or level of fitness I feel could only benefit from coming along. The amazing welcoming and supportive group, the constant assistance in whatever goals you want to take on and the overall attitude is incredible.
Thanks for everything so far, if you can’t already tell, I’m incredibly happy and inspired by everything Box it Out offers and can’t wait to see where it takes me.
Beth M

I have had the privilege of knowing the owner of Box It Out for 15+ years and joined her group fitness classes just over 1 year ago. Deanna as a person is what inspired me to join up. Her can-do attitude, passion for her business and enthusiasm for fitness was contagious and helped me to change my perspective on how I viewed nutrition and exercise. She’s encouraged me (just by being her happy, positive self) to lead a healthier physical and mental lifestyle. Time was a huge factor for me when joining Box It Out. It’s so hard to fit any exercise in that takes away from home life, dinner prep time or even outside of work commitments. I have found since starting Box It Out that I have more energy to do the things that I would drag my feet about prior to joining. I’m healthier, happier and more organised. The social aspect of a group boxing class made me nervous as we can all be a little socially awkward or anxious when starting something new, but this group is so welcoming and lovely that my worries were quickly left behind. Box It Out has been the only exercise I’ve done that has shown almost instant results. Within 1-2 weeks of boxing 3 times a week I was feeling less bloated and my arms, stomach and legs were already toning up for the first time ever. The physical changes to my body aren’t all I witnessed within the first month. My mental health is stronger and I’ve become more ambitious as a person, because I’m not tired all the time. Who I would recommend Box it Out to is a hard question to answer! I’ve seen people who are fresh out of high school in the group to people who are in retirement; I think the most important thing is that you’re physically able and you’ve got the right mindset. Anyone who has the word ‘can’t’ in their vocabulary are strongly advised to stay away or you’ll be doing massive amounts of burpees. No one likes burpees.
Steph D

I have been wanting to get back into boxing for some time but have always felt very intimidated with some of the clubs and fearing that I wouldn’t fit in. Then a friend told me about BIO and it’s been great as everyone is so encouraging and motivating that it just keeps you pumped to keep going. My main concerns about joining were that I was really unfit and wouldn’t be able to keep up with every body else in the class. Being assured from a friend that everyone is friendly and works at their own pace helped me make the decision to go and give it a go. I’m starting to feel a lot fitter and much more motivated to exercise since becoming a member. I am also beginning to feel more confident with boxing since starting. I would recommend it to anyone who is looking and wanting to get into boxing where they can be themselves and not only learn technique and get fit but to also enjoy themselves and have fun doing it.
Mel P

It’s been four years now and I still love every session, in fact I keep wanting more. I feel stronger and fitter and best of all I don’t have the flabby, wobbly arms creeping in anymore.

One of my beautiful best friends led me to Box it Out! My eldest son was 9 months old and I was looking to get back into regular exercise. I had done some boxing with a PT a few years prior and loved it. I found it was brilliant cardio, gave me strength without building bulky muscles and was an excellent stress relieving exercise – that perfect smack sound is very therapeutic! I have just re-joined Box it Out. My body has changed dramatically since having my second child both in how it performs and how it responds to exercise. I felt that I needed some personalized help so have come back. Ultimately this time I have chosen to come back because I know that technique is important and therefore my changed (and more fragile!) body will be looked after and I can get the extra support that I’m looking for surrounding diet and working towards lifestyle solutions to my health issues. I have had so much contact time with Deanna while I ask questions and try and work through correcting my diet. I have had a few changes but the biggest change for me is feeling like I’m moving in the right direction and that I’m supported in doing so. Accountability is also important. I would recommend Box it Out to anyone looking to improve their health and fitness! Particularly mums. Getting outside, socializing for an hour and doing something for yourself is so important for both your physical and emotional wellbeing. Smacking the crap out of a pair of pads also helps both these things!
Megan K

I had been searching for some kind of class that would suit around my shift work for a few months, after realizing most only held sunrise and sunset workout times I started giving up. THEN Box it Out popped up in my Facebook! After contacting Deanna and getting excited about mid morning classes coming up soon, I was set. She amazingly kept in contact with me, rang and updated me about her progress and counted down until the classes started. Absolutely amazing! That is dedication to my fitness and health that I haven’t seen before. And I love it! I had been searching for some kind of self defence to protect myself and boost my confidence. Box It Out has done both. I wanted a tough workout with a friendly vibe, and you bring this Deanna! I absolutely loved the welcome pack and Box It Out singlet, that’s just an added bonus. Mostly my anxiety has improved so much, that is the winner of all improvements! Sleep is better and and those endorphins after a good workout are addictive!
I haven’t stopped talking about my Box It Out adventures at work, I will always highly recommend and I’m hoping soon I can bring fellow shift workers to enjoy this.

A friend saw the group on Facebook and suggested we join together. I’ve been thinking for a while for something fun and different to do, and it looked like exactly what I was looking for! Initially, I had reservations about joining a group, for an activity I knew NOTHING about. I consider myself to be pretty un-coordinated and not very fit at all. It’s been a long time since I’ve done any type of exercise and I was worried I couldn’t keep up. I went along to the initial 2 sessions where Deanna made me feel safe and looked after, and assured me I was coming into a welcoming and supportive environment…and she wasn’t wrong! Class 1 was tough, but I had a ball and it’s kept me coming back! I feel like I’m part of a team who care and support each other, and are always willing to help each other out. Each week I attend I feel more coordinated, fitter and most importantly stronger! I feel like I can do anything! I beam walking out of the class feeling proud and accomplished…and eagerly awaiting the next one! I would recommend Box It Out to ANYONE! Regardless of age, fitness levels or experience, there is something for everyone! The initial 2 sessions are a great kickstart into the group, designed to make sure you feel comfortable safe and ready. The classes are run at super convenient times across the week, ideal for anyone’s work or family schedules. Even if you’re just thinking about it, take the leap and join…you’ll love it!

I wanted to say a massive thanks to Dave for making the session so comfortable. I can get super anxious and I was so nervous beforehand that I felt like I was going to throw up or pass out. But the session was great. I was able to relax almost instantly and I had a lot of fun. Can’t wait to come back!


I always loved boxing and loved the muay thai classes I did around ten years or so ago in Blackwood. I did some kick boxing with Fernwood and those were the only classes I really felt I loved. So I googled Boxing in prospect and up you came. I originally joined intending for my sister to come to classes to give myself confidence and get fit. Unfortunately my sister is quite unreliable and my boyfriend Ben decided he’d come along and give it a try. Good bonding thing for us to do together. My only concern had been price. But your prices are very reasonable and after attending classes, and seeing what is involved, there was no turning back. I am also quite shy so that had held me back before. But the trainers are all so welcoming, it really helped. The technique classes at the beginning were also really good, to give us a bit of background and set us up to start right. I definitely feel fitter. At the beginning I couldn’t make it through a class and now I can, and I feel much stronger. I also feel like I’m learning technique, which is something I’d always wanted to do. Still have a way to go, but I definitely feel like I’m on the right track. It’s also been fantastic to go on this journey with Ben in a relaxed environment. I would recommend Box It Out for those who are seeking to increase their strength and fitness in a fun way. I would also recommend it to my friends who are lacking in confidence because feeling stronger and knowing I’m doing something for myself has been really helpful for me.

Always love the energy and passion of the trainers, never bored but motivated to do more. Have been there more than three years, never a dull moment. Box it Out has improved my life in more ways than one

Definitely the best group workouts I’ve been to! I’m not usually on for exercising with groups but the trainers at Box it Out make each session fun and motivate you to push further past your boundaries! You most definitely will be feeling that burn after each session!!!

Box it Out is awesome for fun and fitness. Dee is an amazing instructor and has a great balance between having fun and having a hard workout. I would recommend it to anyone – beginners to experienced. Give it a go!


Love it. Great trainers. Great people. Awesome energy. Different work outs every session leaving you in a big, sweaty mess at the end but you’ll definitely feel great and can’t wait to come back for the next session and the next sessions and the next session and the next session

I joined Box It Out because I wanted a new hobby that I was going to enjoy, be good for me & would work in with my schedule. I had done a small amount of boxing before so I was set on joining a boxing group. I held off from joining for 2 reasons. Firstly, when I was looking it to it, it was around December. I didn’t want to join in January because I didn’t want to be one of those ‘new year, new me’ sort of person & not stick with it. I also held off because I didn’t know anyone there and was apprehensive about going alone. I went along as much as possible in my trial period and then had no hesitations in joining. My fear of joining by myself was quickly squashed as everyone was so friendly and welcoming + the location and class times are perfect for me. Mostly, it’s a distraction from my week and something I look forward to. It doesn’t matter how bad my day has been, I always feel better after the class. Its fun, its good for you, it’s a great bunch of people & it makes you feel badass! (especially when I manage to get my kicks right)

Since joining Box It Out, I’ve been motivated to keep coming along and challenge myself with new fitness goals. The trainers are extremely knowledgeable, with plenty of enthusiasm to keep you moving at every session, and will work with you to identify where you can improve your technique. I love feeling stronger, taller and more clear-headed at the end of every session. Big thanks to Deanna and the team for their energy!

Everyone is liked minded, they are there to improve their fitness and have a great time! I was quite worried I wouldn’t gain enough strength or coordination when learning boxing. But now I get to teacher my partner some cool moves and I can lift heavier objects. Quick story – we have a huge heavy jarrah table outside. Before boxing I could barely hold it up using my hands (with my partner at the other end) for a few seconds. Now thanks to boxing, I’ve got enough strength to shuffle it when he wants to move it.

I’ve been coming to Box it Out sessions for over 5 years and absolutely love it! It’s always an awesome workout, lots of fun and a great stress release. I’ve become a lot fitter and stronger and met some lovely people along the way. I’ve never been a fan of going to the gym, but I do like to push myself and train hard, so Box it Out is perfect for me. It’s a great group of people to be a part of, I can only recommend it!

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