Lately we’ve been having conversations around supplements and I’ve been asked what I use. So I will give you a run down of what I take.
Please note that these are supplements – meaning they are supplementing my diet. Supplements are not a magic pill and can not ‘fix’ an energy dense diet.

Also, this is not a substitute for medical advice, and you should do your own research/check with your healthcare team as to what is best for you.

Most mornings I have a protein shake for breakfast which includes the following supplements:
-Macro Mike Plant Protein* – Cookie Dough flavour yum 🙂
-Botanika Blends Vegan collagen booster* – berry flavour, also yum 🙂
-Raw Vitamin C+ powder* – it’s a probiotic/C blend
-Marine magnesium powder*
-10 mushroom powder*
-Chlorella powder*
-Spirulina powder*
-Organic turmeric*
(If I haven’t listed the brand, it’s because I will alternate it with whatever brand has the highest potency. Anything with a * we can get wholesale.)

Next we have tablets, of which I take approx 3x per week. If I’m starting to feel run down, I will ramp this up to daily:
-Vitamin D3
-Imuni Immune defence* (I specifically wanted quercetin which helps fight viruses like COVID)
-Vitamin C zingles
-Hab shifa JoinTQ joint tablets* (I specifically wanted nigella/black seed)

If I haven’t listed the brand, it’s because I will alternate it with whatever brand has the highest potency/or because I enjoy the taste for the brand. Again, anything with a * we can get wholesale.

Lastly, just for full disclosure, I also take these with the above:

I do not recommend taking these supplements simply because someone else is. I specifically take B12 and iron due to my chosen diet/lifestyle, or due to medical advice.

In the background you can also see other supplements – like slippery elm (I use this if I accidentally, or on purpose, eat gluten, as my body cannot tolerate large amounts in my gut), and there’s also a bunch of joint supplements which are for my dog. After a freak accident, she now has a plate + bone fusing her leg to her paw – from which bone was taken from her shoulder. You best believe she has 4 supplements to take each day – anti inflammatories, omega 3s, hyaluronic acid and a pre/probiotic.

Now, when figuring out what feels best for you to take, and what supplements you feel you need; do some research, speak to your healthcare team, and figure out what is best for you. Practice patience, and try new things to work out what you like/don’t like, or what your body likes/doesn’t like. Be sure to give yourself enough time (generally 3-4 weeks) to adjust to the new supplement before deciding if it’s right for you to continue, and how frequently. Tune in to your body – after all, you already have the answers within.

Big love,

D 🙂