“What do I do about my biggest problem area?”

For some, it’s their arms or ‘bingo wings’. Others would probably say their legs. And majority of people are going to say it’s their tummy.
So what can you do about your biggest problem area?

I’ll tell you.
Apologise, forgive, accept, love and appreciate it.

In that order, too.


Being told to apologise might automatically throw your guard up, and you feel like getting defensive, but take a deep breath, and hear me out. Imagine that your legs/arms/tummy gave you back all that energy of hatred and negativity. Imagine how you would feel. It’s about time that you apologise, don’t you think? If you’re not ready to apologise, at least drop your weapons. Drop the words. Drop the thoughts. And choose not to indulge in body bashing going forward.

Forgive the thoughts.

Forgive yourself, and forgive your body for being the way you want it to be. Then forgive the size, the shape, and everything else about it. The fact that it doesn’t fit into clothes the way it used to? Forgive that. And most definitely forgive the way it looks naked, and forgive the thoughts that you have had about it.

Accept your problem area.

A challenging step, but necessary to move forward and free yourself.
Accept your body. Every single inch of it. From your little pinky toe to the hair on your head. Close your eyes, do a quick body scan, and remind every part of you that you accept it, exactly as it is. Without conditions.

Accept the things that you aren’t able to change, like maybe your leg length.
And maybe even accept responsibility for the size, shape and vitality of your body.

Love your body.

Repeat the mental body scan, and tell your body, every part of it, that you love it. Feel yourself fill up with love. For your limbs, your organs, your brain – the whole lot. Love the unique parts of you. Even the parts that are different. And especially, love on the parts you used to see as a problem area, or that you think need to be fixed.

Appreciate all of you.

Start to think up reasons why your body is wonderful, just the way it is. Maybe your legs allow you to run, and your arms allow you to relieve stress at boxing. Maybe your tummy allows you a soft hug others. Appreciate how fast your body heals. Appreciate how your body is always there for you, no matter what you put it through, mentally or physically. And appreciate that you have been given this body for life, and now choose to see the good.

Going through life hating yourself or your body, is like going through life with the handbrake on.

Let go. Release. And return to love.


Deanna xx