Staying true to your healthy food and fitness routines are hard with all of the extra temptation during the holidays, and it can be hard to stay on track when you might be facing pressure from friends and family that are encouraging you to “take a break from your diet” since it’s the holidays! So what do you say to them.. What do you do?


  1. Realize that you making a change is tough for everyone.

While it is amazing that you are choosing to live a healthier lifestyle, others can feel uncomfortable with this change. Some people will be supportive, others will feel that you making changes makes them feel as if they need to evaluate their choices as well. Because of this, they may encourage you to steer off of your path, for the reason of it being the holidays and you deserve to treat yourself. While they mean well, keep in mind that you making changes can be hard for others too, so don’t criticize anything they are drinking or eating, and if they are encouraging you to eat/drink/do something that you don’t want to, just realize that you have the power to say no!


  1. Allow hosts to be hospitable and find other ways to show you appreciate them.

Another common worry that you may be having as the holidays come closer, is how to handle persistent hosts (european parents anyone?) that are consistently offering food and drinks during all of your holiday parties. Allow them to still be hospitable, just offer a different alternative. If they offer you an alcoholic drink, ask for a water instead. If they offer dessert, politely say no and then offer a compliment on the meal. This way, you are still accepting their hospitality, but still staying on track with your goals!


  1. Role-play!

You probably know the parties and gatherings that will be the toughest to stay on track with. Take a few minutes to prepare yourself ahead of time. Have a quick snack before the party so you don’t go there hungry. Anticipate what your friends and family will say, and come up with a few responses. Thinking about this ahead of time will help you when the situation actually arises. You don’t need to put others down, just a simple, “I really want to do this for myself” can work wonders.


Don’t get me wrong here, you should be enjoying this time of year and enjoying your food. But avoid eating yourself into a food coma – you know you hate yourself every time you do. Indulge a little but don’t skip your workout that day. Take a whole day off to relax, get a massage even. Spend time eating with your loved ones then get them outdoors for some cricket, footy or soccer. Find your balance.