It’s already the end of June, and we are halfway through 2017! Can you believe it? Time is going by so fast!

Mid-way through each year, I like to take the time to reassess where I am at with my goals. At the beginning of each year, it seems that everyone sets big and exciting goals that they want to achieve (me included), and it’s important to make sure you’re going back periodically to review where you’re at, and where you still need to go in order to accomplish those goals.

If you’re on track with the resolutions you set at the beginning of the year, that’s great! Definitely reward yourself for your accomplishments. Go out and get that new pair of Nikes you’ve been wanting, plan a night out with friends, order a new workout outfit or motivational water bottle, and keep working towards those goals.

If you’ve fallen off track with your goals though, that’s okay! Try not to be too hard on yourself. Accept that you’ve fallen off track, and make a commitment to get back to working on your goals. It really doesn’t matter – put the past 6 months behind you and focus on achieving bucket loads in the next 6 months. It is the halfway point, the point at which you decide whether to have a fantastic year, or another mediocre year where you say “Oh I can’t believe it’s Christmas again!” – I know what I prefer.

Take a few minutes to remind yourself of the goals you set at the beginning of January. Then, open your calendar and take out a sheet of paper. On one side of the paper, write down all of the goals you wanted to accomplish this year (I literally stuck mine to the wall). Start the most important goal that you would like to accomplish the most before the end of the year.

Flip the paper over, and on one half, write down all of the tasks/requirements that accomplishing the goal would take. Make sure this part is specific; list every single thing you can think of. This could be anything from working out 5x/week, throwing out the junk food in your kitchen, learning how to meal prep, etc.

On the other half, write down where in your week that you can make time to work on your goal. Aim to do something every single day. Then, take your calendar and schedule the time in to work on that goal. You can even set an alarm on your phone to remind you, or write your goals and action plan on a white board calendar and put it where you will see it each day. The important thing is to keep the goal in the front of your mind as much as possible.

There is still SO much time left to achieve everything that you want to achieve. Now is the best time to get started, the second best time was yesterday. It’s time to take action, and make 2017 YOUR year.

Take a few minutes to do this, and let’s rock the rest of 2017 together! If you’d like extra accountability, share your big goal that you’re recommitting to and focusing on for the rest of the year in the comments below…