The Three Biggest Mistakes With Nutrition


Having ‘Rules’ For the Wrong Reasons

I don’t eat carbs after 5pm. 2000 calories per day is my limit. I eat clean during the week so I can eat what I want on the weekend. Sound familiar?

If you’ve ever followed rules, even when you have been hungry, then this is for you.

More than likely, you’re going to eat some things that are not healthy once your rule has passed – before 5pm, on a weekend, or if it fits into your calories. These boundaries are not sustainable in the long term, which means any results you get, will be reversed once you ‘break’ or stop your rule.

Instead, read your food labels, include lots of whole foods, choose healthier choices, and most of all, listen to your body. When you are eating, slow down. Chew slowly. Think about how the food tastes and what the texture is like – really enjoy it.

When it comes to your nutrition, keep it simple. And if you are hungry, eat.



Blindly following others

You know someone who lost 10 kgs and got super lean from doing a particular diet, so you thought you’d give it a shot. Makes sense, right?

Let me be blunt: what works for someone, may not work for you. Every body is different. We are all different shapes, sizes, weights, heights, and so on. Some of us are more advanced in terms of training, others are just starting out. Some know a lot about nutrition, others don’t know much at all.

The best thing to do is to first learn about it. Do your research and find out if that particular diet will work for you? Is it extreme, and temporary? Or does it seem ‘do-able’ and can be done long term?

If it suits you, apply it. Find what parts of it work, and what parts don’t. Do you feel good, or do you feel energetically low? Have fun with your nutrition!
Continue with what works, and get rid of what doesn’t. You don’t need to sit in a certain box, or have a certain label. Eat in a way that makes you feel good, doesn’t leave you feeling restricted, and continues taking you towards your goals.


Your mindset

You treat training seriously, but nutrition is an afterthought. You ‘want’ to get fit and tone up, but you binge on chocolate or hot chips. Your thoughts and actions are not aligned.

This is something that goes deep. You need to spend some time searching for your answers. Grab a pen and paper and find a quiet spot. Write down the following questions, and write down the answers as they come up in your mind.

What do I really want, in terms of health & fitness?

Why is that important to me?

How will I feel when I have achieved that?

How will my life change when I am feeling that way?

What will I be doing differently?

What is stopping me from achieving it?

Most shy away from doing this as they don’t want to address their fears and doubts. But once you do, you will be liberated. You will have clarity. And you will know exactly what to do next.


I’d love to help you – what is your biggest nutrition struggle?
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