The Best Fitness Tools to Keep You on Track


So you’re excited to get kick start your weight loss and fitness in 2019? But you’re a little nervous that you won’t stick to o reach your fitness goals? That’s ok. Here are the five best fitness tools to help you stay on track and meet your goals.


  1. Fitbit

A Fitbit tracker is an amazing way to help remind you to get moving! I have had Fitbits for over two years, and I love it. You can set reminders every hour to get moving, and the step goals are good motivators to park a little farther or to take the stairs. The Fitbit app tracks how active you are throughout the day and can even track your nutrition! It helps keep your fitness goals at the front of your mind, since it is always on your wrist. Find one that works best for your lifestyle, as you want to have it on at all times to have accurate data. I personally use the Fitbit blaze, but there are many different options to choose from.


  1. Support System

A support system is one of the best tools you can have on your fitness journey! Whether you have a workout buddy, you decide to get fit with your significant other, or you meet a new friend at the gym, having a strong support system ensures that you are so much more likely to stay on track with your workouts. On those days when you just aren’t feeling it, your workout buddy and support system will help encourage you to get moving!


  1. Planner or journal to track exercise

This has been by far one of the best things that has helped me stay on track with my exercise routine over the years. You can use a paper planner, or do it electronically, if you are more of a digital person. A great digital app for scheduling your workouts is Google Calendar or a dedicated app such as ‘Workout Calendar – Motivation’. It allows you to schedule recurring workouts, reminders, and shows your progress!


At the beginning of every week, I sit down and schedule what time each day I will do my workout. I schedule it in my calendar and treat it no differently than a doctor’s appointment-it’s a must do! I would recommend if you are just starting to workout to schedule your workout in the morning, before the business of the day gets in the way and throws off your workout!



  1. Get a coach

Hiring a coach or trainer is one of the best fitness tools whether you are new to exercise or needing motivation to continue. A coach will teach you proper form to avoid injury, and help create a consistent routine. They typically will also create effective workouts that are designed for you to get results. A coach or personal trainer is another great addition to your support system too. A coach or trainer is worth investing in to help you achieve your goals, as you’ll learn the skills you need to consistently build on your fitness in the future.


  1. Try out a habit tracker

Habit trackers have been a game changer for me! I have been tracking my habits since April of 2016. You can track anything in a habit tracker, from getting your exercise in, drinking enough water or getting enough sleep. You can create a habit tracker in your planner, or digitally. I personally use a paper planner. But if you’d like to go digital, a great app for tracking your habits is I personally provide these to my clients who want extra help and motivation, so make sure your trainer or coach does the same for you. Having a list of habits you want to maintain means you will easily reach your goals without focusing on numbers like weight or calories. Plus it helps you see your current streak, and provides motivation to help you stay on track!



There are so many tools to help you reach your health and fitness goals, but these are my top five. These five fitness tools will help you create a strong routine, and ultimately help you reach your goals, with ease.