Not just fitness, or health, but any aspect of your life is covered here in the 5 must have apps to become your best self:

– I’m not quite sure where to start with this one but it is AMAZING. You can search for recipes, quotes, workouts, get ideas for event planning, create a vision board, art/craft how tos, hair tutorials, make up tutorials, shopping, meditation guides, animal photos, fun facts, garden/renovation DIYs, interior design/styling, checklists, mindset exercises, how to make sangria, and the list goes on. Whatever you are looking for, Pinterest has you covered. And I mean everything – I just opened the app and had a ‘How to raise a baby chick from 6 days old’ tutorial come up.
You can set your preferences on what you want to see, create boards to virtually pin things to, and even share with others. Love love love. – This one is a little more serious, but is a fantastic goal and habit tracker app. You choose a goal and a frequency, then all you need to do is tick it off (tap it off?). It could be meditation, running, saving money, eating better, sleeping more, becoming more productive – anything that you could want to improve is there. You can also ask questions, or hire a coach for more accountability. If you want long lasting results, build better habits – and what’s easier than tapping a screen to keep progressing forward??


Duolingo – Ok I love love love this one! Want to learn another language, for free? This is how! I started about 2 years ago, but stopped – then I went overseas and realized I should have continued. I’ve now scheduled it in, and have been learning Italian consistently for the last couple months. It’s quick, easy and free. Now, if only they had Croatian too. They have different languages available, so an English speaker has 30 languages to choose from, and two of them are fictional! The best way to learn a language is to speak it – so be sure to keep the ‘speaking exercises’ on.


Sleep cycle – Sleep Cycle does many things such as: wakes you up when you are sleeping the lightest, tracks your sleep quality per day, what time you go to bed each day, how much time you spend in bed, tells you how long you snored and if your sleep is affected by weather/location/air pressure/the moon (seriously). I just love the data and graphs they provide!

I’ve logged over 300 nights and have an average bed time of 10.43pm, 7:26 in bed and 73% sleep quality. Australia’s average bed time is 11.15pm with an average of 7:25 and 75% sleep quality – how cool!

You just need to have your phone plugged in, and next to your pillow. If you decide to use Sleep Cycle, I recommend you turn your phone onto air plane mode before going to sleep.


Fitbit – Fitbit is one of my favourites because it does so much! It can track your water, food, sleep, steps, activity, heart rate and ladies, your period, too. The app has workouts that you can do and you can add friends and challenge them to a step goal. It also tracks how active you are throughout the day and reminds you to get up and move each hour. You can set a goal weight and it gives you a progress bar to keep you accountable. It also allows you to set daily goals for steps, sleep, activity, distance, floors climbed and more. When you hit your daily goals, it lights up on your fitbit, in your app, and you even get a star.
I’ve had different fitbits over the years, and love being able to look back and see how far I’ve come. Could not recommend more highly!

Have I missed any apps that should be in the top 5? If so, let me know and I’ll check them out and see if they make the list!