Managing stress during the holiday season…

Being stressed is a common thing when it comes to the holiday season. If you feel stressed during this time of year, know that you are not alone! But stress can have a negative impact on your health, and can affect your fitness progress too. In effort to help you lower your stress during the holidays, here are a few tips to help you combat it!


  • Continue to exercise! It can be easy to skip a workout, but the extra endorphin boost will help you manage any stress you feel around the holidays. If you need more tips on staying on track with your workouts, check out my previous article.


  • Stay Positive. Too often, the rush of the holiday season prevents us from actually enjoying it. When you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, take a break and think about something positive that happened that day. Staying focused on the positive will help you keep perspective.
  • I know this can seem like something that isn’t necessary, or that you’re too busy to add something else to your plate during this time of year, but clearing your busy mind or meditating for just five minutes will make you feel re-energized and ready to tackle the rest of the day (or hour if you’re around people that you’ve been dreading. I mean, what? Who said that?) Even if you just take a moment to close your eyes, and focus on taking a few slow, deep breaths, you will notice you immediately feel calmer. Try it out, and notice the difference.


  • Do something FUN! The holiday season shouldn’t be about constant stress. Must pick this up. Must put this is the oven at this time. Forgot to put X in fridge. Missed a gift for X. Oh crap, X has arrived. The cat has taken down the Christmas tree. Unexpected couple has arrived with gifts, didn’t organize gifts. The list goes on.  It’s time to let go of the outcome. Go with the flow and laugh it off when you need to. If you are feeling overwhelmed and need to take a break, take it! Make plans with a friend, spend time with your kids or significant other, or do something on your own that you love. Better yet, try something new….. Oh the choices!


While I know there are plenty of holiday festivities, keep in mind that this time of year is meant to be enjoyed and spent with the people you love, not stressing and then feeling burnt out by the end of the year! Managing stress is an important factor in maintaining your healthy lifestyle, so the next time you feel it creeping in, try out one of these tips and see if they give you a new perspective.