Christmas is just 24 sleeps away (umm, how did that happen!?), and if you’re anything like me it can be hard to stay on track with your health and fitness when there are so many other things taking up your time and attention. But this is the best time to focus on your health!

Instead of “wow, she put on a few”(…ouch), don’t you want to WOW everyone with how great you’re looking in the new year?

If you have time off or not, if you are going away or not, it doesn’t matter – now is the time to put yourself first. Most people are saying they are ‘too busy’ or ‘it’s too hard’ and their goals get put on the back burner until the new year. But not me. And it doesn’t need to be you either.

Take the time to care for yourself first, and you will have more energy to give to others this time of year.

So what do you need to do to absolutely own the last month of the year?

  • Reflect on how far you’ve come. Get out your progress photos, check out your measurements. What else have you achieved? Did you get a promotion? Got married? Started a family? Asked for help? Found a true friend? Reflect on how much have you achieved this year.
  • Stay on track with your workouts. Stick to the classes, or ask for a home circuit. You will have more energy, promise!
  • Keep hydrated. Do not neglect the most important thing your body needs! (Ok fine second most important.. Thanks oxygen)
  • Fill your plate with the good stuff first. By all means, enjoy your puddings (or Pannettone hehe) but be sure to fill up on as many veggies as you can first. Stick to the basics. Always always always.
  • When it comes to parties, have a healthy snack or smoothie before heading out. You won’t be going to the party hungry and can make better food choices when you are there.
  • Rather than making the holiday parties all about indulging in food and downing lots of booze, make it about the people you’re surrounded by instead. Actually get to know those around you. Listen to the stories. Better yet, make new memories.
  • On days that you have off from work – make sure you are keeping up your meal prep. Or if you’re busy, order from places like Fit Foods 4 U. You know what they say – failure to prepare is preparing to fail.

Other options are UPPING your training. Yeah, I went there. Don’t throw away months of works for a week of indulging. It will make you feel crappy, and you’ll struggle to get back into workouts in January. But you knew that right?


Imagine walking into the room on Christmas day and watch your family go WOW, what have you been doing!?

How you will feel when you put on your New Years outfit and LOVE what you see in the mirror…

Imagine going back into work in January and putting on pants that are now loose around your tummy…


Keep prepared. Reflect. Make Christmas about the ones you love. If you really want to look banging in your Christmas dresses, now is the time to get serious.