“How can I stay healthy during the holidays?”


As we’re heading into the holiday season, all of the festivities and celebrations can easily derail your health and fitness goals. I’m going to share my top tips for helping you tackle the holidays without adding on the kilos. Did you know that the average person puts on almost 2kgs over Christmas!? Whaaaaaat. Not me thanks.


Plan ahead

The holiday season means many parties, so my first tip is to eat something before going to these parties. I’ve found that avoiding junk and sweets is easy if I’ve eaten beforehand. If it’s a dinner party, I will fill up on veggies and protein, and then add smaller scoops of my favourite “treats” after. If I have the sweets at all. For example, my work Christmas party was an absolute breeze as I arranged with the venue to have a vegan & gf meal. I got about 90% more veggies than everyone else. Winning!!


Be present

Once I’m at the party or celebration, I make it a point to actually be present in the moment. I started conversations with people I didn’t know, and catch up with others that I hadn’t seen in awhile. At general events, I stay away from hovering by the food table, so that I’m not mindlessly snacking (lol try to keep me away from hummus!!) Staying present in the moment will help you enjoy the  company you are with, rather than focusing on what foods you’re avoiding or indulging in.


Avoid sugary drinks

Sugary drinks are especially popular around the holidays. I tend to stick to the same thing night, and then I always drink water as well. So, I will have wine and water (not together!!) throughout the night. All the glasses are matched – or even more water than alcohol. This also makes sure I don’t get a hangover and waste a whole day of regret. If you are really going hard (no judgement here), then try a healthy alternative like vodka, soda & lime! It tastes delicious, and isn’t packing in the hundreds of calories that many holiday cocktails have hidden in them.


Stick to your routine

During the holiday season, I focus on working out in the mornings since my evenings tend to be busy. I plan out my workout schedule each week, and then stick to it! Public holidays don’t have no business getting in the way of your health. So even if it’s just for 30 minutes per day, getting your body moving will help you burn off the indulgent food, manage your stress, and will release endorphins to help you stay in the positive holiday spirit!


Drink water

This one is simple, but it will help! While you should enjoy the holidays and find a healthy balance, it’s still so important to make sure you are drinking plenty of water. Water will keep you hydrated, help your body eliminate all of the extra indulgences, and keep you full of energy to get through the fast pace of this time of year.


These are my top five tips going into this holiday season for tackling the holiday parties, and staying on track! Don’t forget though, that the holidays shouldn’t be focused on stress and to-do lists. Take the time to enjoy time with family, treat yourself to your favourite holiday dishes, and remember even if you have a “slip up”, tomorrow is a new day!

Do you have any tips that you use during the holidays to help you stay on track?