Real transformations are so much more than just physical.

 Transformation pictures over one or two years- those are great transformations!  All of these one month/ 6 week/12 week transformation pictures are a load of rubbish- it’s all about how QUICK you can “transform”. It shows that we all want instant results. Instant gratification. But you know what actually lasts? Slow and permanent changes. The problem is, if you slowly change, people around you don’t notice, you won’t get much encouragement until you bump into someone you haven’t seen in a while – they will notice your changes. 

Slow changes are exactly that, they are slow, and they are the best way to get you healthier. You do not need these rubbish “goal” body shapes or a goal weight. And there is absolutely no need to dwindle away to a size 6 with a box gap (if that’s even possible for you). Neither of those things define health. Obsessing over a certain attribute like skinny legs, or a certain number on the scale is not healthy.
Over two years I lost two dress sizes- not much, right?? Rubbish! The mental changes it took to get there, to not delve into the next obsession but to continue implementing habits was huge. Now it’s been an additional year and I haven’t dropped a dress size, infact I fluctuate a few kgs here and there- is this my “natural balance point”, is this where I’m destined to stay? Why does it matter that I’ve ONLY had physical progress for those two years? Why does the number matter? For someone who is my height, two dress sizes is a lot to hold on a little frame. For others, dropping 4 dress sizes might be achievable. A lot of transformation pictures get so many compliments about how great people now look and how they look beautiful now that they have become thin or “bikini body ready”. Thin does NOT represent health. In fact, I know thin people who catch the flu three-four times a year and some who have chronic fatigue. How can this be the ideal of “health”? Your immune system is a better indicator of health than a physical attribute. As is mental health. Mental health doesn’t get addressed anywhere near close to what it should. 
I find I have prioritized educating myself and nourishing myself mentally over the past year, yknow why? Because mental health is more important and much more relevant than obsessing over some rubbish ideal body that social media bombards you with. Every single body is different, we all thrive on different things- what is most important is that we nourish ourselves with real food, and share that with our family and friends.
So don’t get caught up in the pressure of social media to look a certain way. Real transformations take time. Don’t stress over what your body looks like and learn to love what your body can do. Focus on things that nourish your mind. Join a sports team, take up boxing, take up yoga, learn to make new recipes with your family, spend time laughing with friends. Focus on the little things in life, and let the rest fall into place.