No doubt that when you started a fitness program, you had a specific goal in mind. Everything was great at the start, you started feeling how great it was (even if it was that post exercise high) and you knew you were on the right path. You’d found your groove.

But then times got tough.. Yknow, the times when you don’t feel like you are seeing progress with your fitness goals. Even though you are doing everything right, covering all bases, eating the right foods, working up a good sweat, the whole lot of it…but the results just aren’t there.

I want to remind you that THAT time. That specific moment, day, week, month, year, whatever time frame, THAT time has the potential to be the game changer. That is the time to break through that mental barrier and focus on YOU. Yeap, fitness is all about the mindset. Your mindset in fitness is what helps propel you forward toward your goals, (or holds you back). You can be doing all of the right things on your fitness journey, but if your mindset is out of whack it will throw everything else off. If you are thinking that you are fat / too skinny / not strong enough / can’t do it.. What are you attracting into your life? What are you asking to be reflected back on to you?

Many people start their fitness journey with the intent of losing weight, I know it was for me. It is a pretty common goal, and while being in shape is an important part of living a healthy lifestyle, being at some “perfect/ideal” weight or size shouldn’t be your main focus. If you spend time telling yourself that you are not skinny enough or that you are fat then you are hindering your progress because being negative towards your body is the quickest way to sabotage your goals. You have to celebrate you, celebrate all the little changes and celebrate your results.

It’s time to get back to healthy, starting with a healthy mindset. So instead of focusing on what you DON’T have (yet), focus on how far you have come and what you DO have. Focus on abilities – you can smash out 3 push ups on your toes now? YOU GO GIRL! You just completed a triathlon? HOLY CRAP, YOU GO GIRL. You just smashed your deadlift PB? HOLY CRAP x2 YOU GO GIRL! No matter what it is, celebrate your little wins. Focus on them. (I deadlifted 70kgs on Saturday, with good form AND actually using my glutes. Shit yeah. GO ME!)

Right now, smash out one full push-up and celebrate that you have the energy and strength to do it. Do it right now! (I just did as I am writting this haha!) …So when times are easy, and especially when times get tough, start to really think. No matter how big or small, appreciate and be thankful for all you can do and all that you are.

Watch how your body responds to the positive and see that results that come into your life. No more struggling with salad vs pie and donut for lunch. No more quitting a workout halfway through. Focus on the positive and you may just find your groove again. Remember that you CAN, and you will. You’ve got this.