As this year draws to a close, the new year is just around the corner. If you’ve struggled in the past with setting and sticking to your New Year’s resolutions, try these tips! It’s important to follow all of the steps in order to reach your goals. Each one makes a HUGE difference in your progress. Put in the work, take action and accomplish your goals in 2017!

Here are the four steps to achieving your resolutions and crushing your goals this year…

1. Create a list.
Write down every single one of your goals. Don’t hold back during this first step. Don’t allow limitations, objections, or negative self-talk get in the way. Just write. If you could have, be, or do anything, what would it be? Write it all down on a sheet of paper or in a journal. Taking pen to paper and writing it will help solidify it, compared to just typing it into your phone. Be sure to make them specific and measurable, so you can actually know when you’ve accomplished it!


2. Write down the barriers.
You’ve written down your goals for 2017, now take some time to identify what’s held you back from accomplishing them in the past or what will get in your way. Identify your vices, your time suckers, the things you say to yourself when you begin to work on these goals. Do it for each goal on your list. Then work out a way to avoid it. What will you say when people question you. How can you get them on your side? Do you need an at home workout plan just for you? This step is critical, as it will help you see where you have stopped yourself in the past! Identifying your obstacles will help you to move past them as they appear.


3. Create an action plan, and break it down.
Pick the top 2-3 goals that are MOST important to you right now. As you accomplish them throughout the year, you can then move on to another goal on the list, but for right now, I just want you to focus on 2-3. That way, you are less likely to be overwhelmed.

Once you’ve selected those from your list, create an action plan. So if one of your goals is to lose 5kgs by April 30th, one of your beginning steps to your action plan could be to start with working out an extra 2x/week for 30mins your first week, 2x/week for 60mins your second week, 3x/week for 60mins your third week, etc. Break each goal into measurable, manageable steps. Start small to begin with, then build up on it. Your action plan will change and adjust as you continue to work towards your goals, but you must have something to start with.


This step is so easy to do…but it’s also just as easy not to do. The last and final step, is to take the action plan you’ve created to start with, and write those deadline dates down in your planner or calendar. Write these things somewhere that you will see every day!

I’m actually buying a planner to put on my wall. I’m highlighting dates where I will achieve things – like the City to Bay and when to start my run training for example. Get a planner or diary and mark down ALL important dates. Mark down when you will start something AND when you will achieve it.
Want to take it a step further? Start journaling. I do it every morning and have achieved so much and have overcome many mental blocks by simply waking up an extra 30mins earlier and journaling.
Whatever your method, keep your goals in front of you so that they stay at the front of your mind.


Get your pen out and create your blueprint to smashing ALL of your resolutions in 2017!