Get lower back pain?

Maybe it’s from bad posture?
A weak core?
And now you’re exercising and your back is getting upset…


The good news is, if you haven’t injured yourself, you can relieve the pain fairly quickly!

Muscles can become sore after exercise which means that your body is adapting.

But what do you do when it’s causing you to shuffle as you walk? Do you try to bend over backwards, literally, to get some relief?


There are two main things that will help:
1. Strengthening the glutes
2. Mobilizing the lower back

Maybe your back is overworked?
Or it’s just not as strong as the rest of your body?
Maybe you lifted something and your technique was not quite right?
Or maybe you’re just thinking “what do I do for lower back pain?”

Well, I get asked all the time! So here’s a mobility flow with exercises to stop back pain.



The video is sped up & with minimal reps so hold for as long as needed or flow through 10 reps on each side.