How do you know if you are moving forward on your goals?

It’s important when working out and getting healthy to focus on more than just that number on the scale! Your self-worth is not determined by reaching a specific “goal weight”! Scales can’t measure how kind you are, how funny you are, or how badass your  boxing skills are. So here are three easy ways to measure your progress WITHOUT focusing on the scale:


  1. Take before photos.

This is so important to do when starting your fitness journey, and if you have already started on your fitness journey, it’s not too late to take photos! Photos help you see the physical results so much more than the scale will. Since we see ourselves in the mirror daily, it can be easy to not notice the progress we’re making, since the changes are so subtle day to day. But added up over time, and you’ll notice a big difference when comparing your before photos to your current photos. Schedule in a day to take photos each month – you’ll be surprised by the result!


  1. Take your measurements.

            Measurements are another great way to see your progress without focusing on the scale. Measurements are a concrete way to see the inches you’re losing, and the progress you’re making that may not reflect in the number on the scale. Always keep in mind that 1kg of muscle and 1kg of fat look completely different! So even if the number doesn’t move much on the scale, your measurements will show you how much you are leaning out.


  1. Track how you’re feeling.

            I like to pick a healthy habit, like working out daily, adding veggies to each meal, or rating how well I’m sleeping, and track these daily in my planner. Pick something to track that isn’t ‘kilos lost’. Focus on healthy habits that can cause the side effect of kilos lost. Doing this also helps you focus on the positives, rather than on what you “need to lose”.


So those are my top three tips to help you track your progress without obsessing over the scale. These tips will help you focus on the positive benefits your fitness routine is having on your lifestyle. Which is always better than tearing yourself apart because you haven’t lost the weight yet – mindset is everything! So, have you tried any of these tips? What do you track? Let me know in the comments below!