I’m someone who used to be so determined to find motivation. I would read books, listen to podcasts, watch videos…all aimed at “finding motivation”. And it’s not just me doing that, I’m sure you can relate.

However, there’s a secret that most successful people understand about motivation. You can’t find it. Motivation can’t be manufactured. No matter how inspired you feel, motivation itself can not be generated by any outside forces. Motivation is found within YOU.

You are the one who determines if or when motivation happens. You can listen to inspiring speakers, read motivational quotes, do all of the right things, but until you make the decision that you’re motivated, only then will you actually discover motivation. It’s all within you and your mindset.

You need to start first of all, with a positive mindset. Decide right now, today, that YOU are responsible for finding your own motivation. Become conscious and aware of your thoughts, realize that YOU control them, and decide that you will be motivated today. Repeat it to yourself over and over until you feel it!

If you’re still struggling with finding motivation within yourself, try writing your WHY down on a sheet of paper and keep it in front of you. No, no, not the whole ‘I want to lose weight’ rubbish. I mean the real, deep, raw reason why you are determined to change, or reach your goal. Your why should make you feel something! (Like knocking all of their socks off at your sisters wedding! Cha chinggggg!)

Writing down and reading your reason why you want to achieve that goal should make you so EXCITED to reach it, so much so that you can’t wait to start. Spend some time with this, and really think it out, write it down. Make sure it is something that excites you when you read it. 


Remember, YOU are your own motivation. Let your WHY be what motivates you to work towards your goal every single day.