High-intensity interval training (HIIT) combines high intensity training with interval training to create a work out that can be as short as 5 minutes in length but can burn as many calories as lengthy periods on the treadmill. These short, intense workouts improve glucose metabolism, and fat burning. Read more here…

There are many benefits of HIIT Training:

1. Time efficient – do you have hours and hours of time to spend on the treadmill? Get the same amount of results in half the time!
2. Increased metabolism – unlike low intensity cardio, your body continues to burn calories for up to 24hrs after HIIT
3. Builds muscle, faster – we all want to replace fat with muscle, and interval training gets us there, quicker.
4. No equipment needed – you don’t need a treadmill, exercise bike or gym membership. You can do HIIT anywhere, even in the (huffy and puffy) comfort of your own home.
If you would like some help getting started with High-intensity interval training please feel free to get in touch at contact@boxitout.com.au