You are probably looking at the title of this blog post and wondering if there’s been a typo.

But it really is true; by eating more dietary fat, you’re allowing your body to burn off excess stored fat.

So how does this work?


When starting a new diet or attempting to lose weight, most try to go “low fat”, and avoid fats as much as possible because eating fat will make them fat, right?
Not quite.
There are fats that will actually help you on your weight loss journey!
While you do want to stay away from saturated fats that are in processed foods, the fats found in whole, plant-based foods are incredibly good for you, and for your body. Avocados, for example, are full of many nutrients, as well as loads of good fats that help your body burn off excess body fat.


Most diets in our society proclaim that low-fat is the way to go to lose weight. However, by decreasing dietary fat, you are actually training your body to hold on to excess body fat, because your body needs fat to function at its optimal level!
Did you know that your brain fuels itself on fats? That your hormones are made from fats? That every cell of your body is made of fat? Yes, your cell membranes (think of it like the borders of your cells) are made out of fat.

There are even vitamins (like A, D, E and K) that are fat soluable. This means without fat, we cannot absorb them.
Our bodies NEED fat to function at their best!


By increasing your consumption of healthy fats, you will increase your metabolism, helping to burn off body fat faster, and you will increase your energy levels too! A diet high in healthy fats will keep you fuller for longer, and help you avoid that midday crash.


You want to always be sure you’re consuming healthy fats, that are unsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Five great foods that will add more healthy fats to your diet include:
1. Avocados,

2. Chia seeds,

3. Nuts,

4. Coconut oil, and

5. Olive oil.

Adding these into your diet will help your body burn off that excess body fat that you are looking to lose!

I’d love to know your favourite way to get fats into your diet? Pop your suggestions in the comments below.