Gym Bag Essentials: What’s in my Gym Bag?

Maybe you are new to working out, or you’re just starting a new routine, or maybe you’re just interested…what things can you keep handy in your gym bag to help maximize your workouts, keep yourself organized, and what do I feel are absolute must-haves? Here’s what is currently in my gym bag:

  • Water Bottle: To help keep me hydrated, I always have a bottle (BPA free of course) in my gym bag. I generally set a goal for myself to drink my full bottle by the time I arrive home. It’s an easy way to get that extra 500ml (or more) in.
  • Hand Wraps: I always, always keep a pair of hand wraps in my bag. Hand wraps, even apart from boxing, can help support your wrists if you do any weight lifting, while working on machines, or if you do any floor work; wraps help with basically any workout in supporting and protecting your wrists and joints! A good way to make sure you always have a fresh pair in your gym bag is to take the sweaty pair out of your bag immediately after getting home from the gym, and either put in another pair, or wash them and then put them right back into your bag! This is what helps me to make sure I never forget them.
  • Towel: This is one thing that I didn’t start until recently, and it has been a lifesaver. Bringing a small hand towel with you in your gym bag can help you wipe off the sweat! You can also bring a bigger towel with you, when you’re sweating it out. During summer, I use a big towel to put over my car seat as a cover and to stop any sweat getting into the fabric. Smelly car? No thank you!
  • Magnesium Wipes: I have consistently had a pack of wipes in my gym bag for months now, and it is great to have if you are sore or feel like your muscles need extra attention. I use the spray after showering, but have the wipes for a quick massage into any sore spots.
  • Headphones: I don’t actually like working out alone, but when I’ve been doing my solo runs lately, headphones have been my savior. (I generally play loads of Ricky Martin & Enrique Iglesias if you’re wondering haha)
  • Healthy snack/protein powder: I like to keep a healthy snack and a pre-measured portion of protein powder in my gym bag, just in case for some reason I’m not able to go right home after the gym. It keeps me in line with my nutrition goals, even when life gets in the way! My go-to snacks are bounce balls & PranaOn protein.
  • Pen & notebook: I always always always keep a notebook and pen in my bag. Even now, I keep a mini notebook in my gym bag to track my progress. No matter what your workout, there are ways you can track it. If you lift weights, you can write down how many reps/sets you did that day, and the amount of weight you used. After boxing, you can write down the skills you focused on and all the main points. I’ve found by writing things down, I’m able to really see my progress, even before I see it physically. It’s a great motivator! For me, I like to write down what I learnt, what I enjoyed and how I feel.

Hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into what’s in my gym bag. What are your gym bag essentials? Let me know in the comments below!