Over the past few months of summer, you may have found you’ve wanted to tone up every time you needed to chuck shorts or a bikini on. You want that cellulite that is hovering around your thighs and booty to disappear right. (Me too!) Well, I’ve been working on reducing mine and have found that these tips definitely help.


  1. Eat a variety of healthy foods

If you aren’t already, be sure you’re eating plenty of healthy foods. Cellulite feeds off processed sugars, too little fiber, and too many grains. Try adding in foods that have been shown to help such as: blueberries, watermelon, pineapple, eggs, and green tea. It’s also good to add in lots of leafy greens, especially spinach. All of the antioxidants and nutrients in these foods will help begin to heal you from the inside out. Not only will you reduce those dimples, but your overall body fat too.


  1. Follow a consistent workout routine

Working out helps improve your blood circulation, and keeps your body running smoothly. Maintaining a consistent workout routine will help your body begin to break down the cellulite, tone up, and is also great for your overall health! Adding weights and focused workouts to your routine is key here. I’ve been focussing on booty building workouts with my coach and I am definitely seeing a HUGE reduction in my cellulite, and also a HUGE improvement on my shape too. I’ve even started doing my own workouts at home a few times a week to focus on my glutes and legs. (Pssht. I am currently putting together an e-book of the exercises I’ve been doing. Stay tuned.)


  1. Go crazy with coconut oil and apple cider vinegar

Adding coconut oil and apple cider vinegar to your diet will drastically help the appearance of your cellulite as well! Coconut oil is made from healthy fats which make up the membranes of our cells. The stronger the membrane, the more toned the skin – why do you think so many people use it for beauty products!! For me though, I use coconut oil in cooking as it a great replacement for olive oil, and apple cider vinegar is great mixed with water to cleanse your insides. Just be sure to mix it with water, otherwise it burns.. The. Whole. Way. Down. Apple cider vinegar (or ACV for those down with the lingo) works great as a dressing on salads too.


4. The NUMBER ONE way to reduce your cellulite

Don’t let the online marketing of skinny teas, creams and body scrubs fool you. I’ve tried them, and all they do is make your skin feel great, but let’s get real, to fix the problem, we need to know what it really is. Cellulite is a fatty deposit under the skin, so quite simply, to reduce your cellulite, you must reduce your body fat percentage. Although this affects majority of women, it doesn’t mean it’s time to give up and live a lumpy dimpled life. So how do you get rid of it for good? Commit to your workout routine and stick with foods that encourage fat loss and you will be watching those dimples melt away.

I have halved my cellulite over the past few months, and now I wish I took before & after photos. My butt is rounder and the dimples have almost completely gone, now it’s time to get these legs ready for action.


Is there anything else you have tried to get rid of cellulite? Let me know below.