I get asked a lot about losing weight, getting lean and toning up. I also get asked how to do this, fast. So I put together a list of the five ways you can lose weight, tone up and see results really fast.

Warning: Every one of these will make a HUGE impact on not just your body, but on your overall health and energy levels too.

Pick one, be consistent with it for a three weeks, then choose another to work on. In a few short months, you’ll feel like a new person.

Let’s work our way from 5 to 1:

5. Swap wheat with rice, quinoa or buckwheat.

Wheat is super inflammatory and most people have some level of intolerance to it. There are chemicals used in the growing and processing of it, so it’s not surprising that our bodies react as if they are being attacked. If you are new to making the transition away from wheat, start by replacing it with rice. Those who are more advanced in their nutrition, or are looking for fast results, using whole grains such as quinoa and buckwheat are great options.

4. Swap from meat and dairy to plant based meals.

You can replace meat with beans, lentils and legumes and dairy with coconut yoghurt and almond milk for example. Is dairy bad? Similar to wheat, most people have some level of intolerance to dairy. It causes inflammation in the gut, due to the high amounts of saturated fats, and in turn, the inflammation can stop us from absorbing other nutrients. This is why it can be hard to diagnose, as other conditions usually pop up as well.
As for meat, did you know that red meat was classified as a Type 2A, and processed meats classified a Type 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organisation! It reviewed over 800 studies and classified it as a carcinogen – meaning it causes cancer. How can anything be more detrimental to your health than that? The W.H.O. is not able to flat out say that a food or substances causes cancer, but read about the findings here and see how careful the wording is.

3. Swap takeaway with home cooked meals.

I’m not against having takeaway as I love crispy hot chips as well as anything Mexican – but if you are grabbing some food on-the-go more than once a fortnight, then you cannot expect to get jaw dropping results. Takeaway foods are usually made from wheat, meat and dairy (see points 5 & 4), but are also packed with additives and sugar (and you should know these are not good for your health either).  A lot of these foods are also deep fried, pumping them full of fatty acids and destroying any nutrients that are left, which means even more inflammation in the body.

Inflammation = less nutrient absorption = vitamin/mineral deficiencies = poor immune health = sickness/illness = medicine = immune system declines further = more illness/chronic disease = more medicine = repeat until death. Don’t take this lightly, because YOU and only you have the power to heal yourself.

The next time you are thinking of Chinese takeaway, instead, grab some rice noodles plus fresh veggies and make a stir fry at home.
Instead of grabbing pizza, make buckwheat bases and load them with fresh produce like baby spinach, capsicum, mushies, tomato and pumpkin. Short on time? Corn tortillas make great pizza bases that cook super fast!
Pinterest is your friend here – you can find healthy alternatives for any takeaway you could want.


2. Swap cooked food with raw food.

This is another one you already ‘know’, but are you ‘doing’ it?  This is all about getting back to basics and healing your body from the inside out. Cooking kills off enzymes which our bodies need for digestion as well as for absorbing vitamins from our food. To make this swap work, it is as simple as including 500ml of raw juice made from organic fruits and vegetables every single day. For more, watch this video on how to transform your health by nourishing your cells from the inside.
As a bonus, when you provide your body with the nutrients it needs, your cells will release the fat it is storing. For some, this means breakouts, for others it means 5+ bowel movements per day.
Nourish your cells, let your body release what it no longer needs and your weight will take care of itself.


And the most important thing you can do is replace your limiting beliefs with new ones with affirmations.

Thinking that you are unworthy can sabotage your efforts in letting any excess weight go. Most people disguise how they really feel by saying things like; I’ve always been overweight, I’ve been struggling ever since xyz happened, or I’m trying really hard but …(insert excuse they have justified in their head). Putting the blame on an event, thing or other person is a coping mechanism for those struggling with self worth. It’s time to take responsibility, turn inward and start asking ourselves some tough questions. How do I feel about myself? Why do I feel that way? What do I want to feel about myself? What is stopping me from feeling that way? Once you discover what is holding you back, create affirmations that will re-wire your subconscious mind. You first have to think a better way, to become a better version of you. Thoughts = beliefs = actions.

When I did this as part of my journaling, I realized that even though I really wanted to lose weight, subconsciously I had associated being lean with unwanted attention, and even sexual abuse. I also thought, subconsciously, that being lean meant being shallow and vain. I also wanted to be strong, healthy and fit like I was before, because I used to have so much confidence. From that moment on, I decided to flip my script.

To retrain my subconscious mind, I used affirmations like; I am safe to become leaner every day. Being a good person and being lean go hand in hand for me. I am fit, healthy, strong and confident. I love and accept myself unconditionally, right now. And my personal favourite: Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.


Have a look at what you put into your mouth, what thoughts are between your ears and what you allow to speak with your mouth. Every word, thought and action takes you closer to your goals, or further away.

Follow the list above, and watch yourself getting lean each and every day.