Does confidence make you happy or does happiness make you confident?

If we are confident, we aren’t always necessarily happy, but if we are not happy, we generally aren’t confident. So when we drill down, confidence is a big driver behind happiness.

And to be successful, we want to have both in bounds.
For them to last, instead of just fleeting moments, this needs to come from the inside.


So how can we become happy and confident from the inside out?

1. Sleep naked. Or just in your underwear. Can’t commit to that? Strut around in your underwear any time you are home alone. Want to step it up a notch? Eat your dinner in the nude. It’s so powerful.

2. Practice gratitude. Each night as you get ready for bed, reflect on what you are grateful about that day. Better yet, keep a notepad or journal handy and write down three things you are grateful for. If you’re more of a morning person, do this in the morning, and write down things that you are grateful for that are happening that day (but keep it in the present tense – very important!)

3. Smile more, compliment more, thank more. Smile at the people you walk past on the weekend, hold doors open, let people in in traffic, compliment someone’s abilities, say thank you and really mean it. The more you give out, the more that comes back to you multiplied.

4. Stand in a mirror and tell yourself five things that you like about your body. Try it every morning for a week, and see the difference it makes to your confidence. (Hint: Skyrocket!!)

5. Leave yourself positive notes. Notes to motivate you. To remind you to appreciate where you’ve come from. To encourage you. Stick them to your fridge, on your work desk, in your bathroom and even in your phones notes. Give future you a happiness boost!

6. Take a digital detox. Unfollow any pages or people that don’t inspire you or leave you feeling lousy. Better yet, consciously decide to spend one day a week away from social media, your phone, your laptop, maybe even TV! (This becomes easier and you’ll get better at this each time you do it).

7. Exercise. If your don’t enjoy your exercise, make a change. Choosing something that lights you up. This could be boxing, nude yoga at home or even running. Simpy choose something that moves your body, clears your mind and makes you feel like the amazing person you are.

8. Join a group or a cause. There is real power in connecting with other likeminded people. Join a sewing group, a brunch group – whatever you like doing! Try to align this with the type of person you want to become – so maybe joining a meditation group is the way to go.

9. Dive deep and figure out what you want to do in life. Find your purpose. Find what sets your soul on fire, and then follow it! Think to yourself; what do I want to leave this world with? What do I want people to remember about me? The more emotions it brings up, the closer you are to knowing your purpose.

10. Release your resistance. Forgive yourself, forgive others and forgive every event that has done you wrong. Learn how to let go of all resistance as you realize that it is no longer serving you. It is ok to drop your guard. Let life flow, raise your vibration and watch positive things happen for you all the time. Let go of negativity, it’s not the vibration you wan’t to be in. Be authentic and vulnerable – it’s where true confidence and true happiness lies.


No matter what has happened, how we grew up, what we do for work, what size or shape we are, we all deserve to be happy and confident.

Try these tips and let me know what difference they have made for you.