One of the best ways to increase your stamina, build muscle, and recover faster is to add a protein shake to your post-workout routine. The first time you walk into a supplement shop, the choices can be overwhelming. (And so is the gentleman with arms the size of a tiny houses at the counter). So here are a few tips to help you determine which powder is best for you… in the safety of your own home.

You need to spend some time thinking about it. Are you looking to build muscle, lean out, or lose weight? Are you needing ones with dietary restrictions, such as vegan or vegetarian options, gluten- or dairy-free, or low in sugar?

Once you’ve answered these questions, jump online and research brands with those keywords that you’re looking for. Read reviews, and research the ingredients. Make sure you’re not selecting one with a lot of artificial chemicals and sweeteners!

Use these tips to help narrow down the search for your protein powder, and feel a little less overwhelmed with all of the choices available. Just remember to select the one that best fits your needs. And if you’re unsure if you’re choosing a good one – send me a link and I can have a look for you.



In the past I stuck to Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) powders back in my bodybuilder type of training days, but since choosing to be vegan, have found an amazing protein powder that not only tastes good, but even has more protein than most whey based powders. Take that!!


Personally I use PranaON protein, which is fantastic for everyday use. It contains loads of amino acids, is easily digested and absorbed by the body and doesn’t irritate those with allergies & sensitivities. (Can I get a hell yeah?)

So, what’s important to you? What are your goals? And do you have an dietary preferences?

Remember, if you’re unsure – send me a link and I can have a look for you. Or if you don’t mind and want a recommendation – jump onto PranaON website and order yourself a bag.