Are you looking to burn fat plus look leaner and more toned? The best way to is to build up your muscles! Here are my three best tips for burning fat, building your muscles and start looking leaner:


  1. Healthy diet

You know that eating a healthy diet is important, but it’s critical to keep your diet to minimally processed foods, and watch your portions when you’re looking to burn fat. Our bodies are great at determining how much we need. Because of that, our bodies tend to store excess calories as fat. This is why it’s important to keep an eye on your portions, and eat frequently throughout the day, rather than once a day. It’s not easy, but we all need to tune in to our body and listen to when we are full and when we are truly hungry.


  1. Add cardio into your daily fitness routine

I like to add cardio in to my fitness routine. Cardio can set your metabolism on fire, and will help your body burn off excess fat. Most people aren’t big cardio fans, but find something you enjoy. My picks are kcikboxing and running along the beach!!


  1. Don’t forget to focus on resistance training

It’s important when you’re looking to burn off excess fat, to add resistance training in every day! Cardio helps you burn the fat, while resistance training is where you will get that toned and lean look. Think of it like this – when you increase your muscle strength & size, they are hungrier so they snack on your bodies fat stores. Start lifting, and then om nom nom goes your muscles!



Add these three things into your health and fitness routine to blast through fat and lean up! Have you tried adding them together, playing with the frequencies that work for you, to help burn fat? Let me know more in the comments below!