Men who include boxing into their routine can reap loads of benefits such as increased muscle tone, burning stored fat, building stronger bones, increasing cardiovascular and muscular endurance, improving your strength and power, and also helping with stress relief. Boxing is not just a great full body workout, but also a mind workout too.


In a previous article, we talked about the benefits of boxing for women. In this article, we’re going to cover the how boxing can help men with their fitness goals.


  1. Suits all fitness levels

The one thing that makes boxing a great workout, is the ability to customize it based on your current fitness level. If you are looking to maximize your results with one quick & easy tip, up the weight of your gloves! Most regular boxing gloves can go up to 16oz, and adding in that extra weight can help you tone, build muscle, and test your endurance.


2. Stress relief

And while you can modify to suit, it’s a great way for you to push yourself during a boxing workout. It is great for men as it is a HUGE stress relief. A lot of blokes bottle up emotions and frustrations compared to their female counterparts, so boxing will not only help you get a rock solid body, but it will also help release that stress that you’re holding in a safe place. So you will learn some cool skills and also have the discipline of the technique, which will in turn stop you from getting into sticky situations when testosterone is running high. Use your evading skills and appreciate the discipline of the techniques. There’s nothing more satisfying that moving out the way and having the other person look like an absolute clown. Control is the best!! And I know what impresses me more (Insert winky face here)



3. Full body workout

Another benefit is that it stimulates muscle groups like your quads & glutes (not just your arms!) to give a full body workout. And each time it is improving your hand-eye coordination. This in turn this can help improve your daily life, work and other aspects of your workouts. Just ask Ryan!


4. Speed, agility & hand/eye coordination

Boxing also increases your speed and agility. Most traditional workouts for men include lifting heavy weights, or other strength-based workouts to get huge. This is totally cool – there is a time and place for everything. However, with boxing, you can build up your speed and reaction time, build LEAN muscle and tone those muscles all at the same time. Win win, win win win!! Plus you don’t need loads of equipment or a gym membership – all you need is a super cool bunch of people like we have at Box it Out 🙂



Overall, boxing is an awesome exercise to get you fast, agile, coordinated, calm, centered, controlled and building lean toned muscles. Boom. Time to box guys!!