Change doesn’t usually comes across as fun. Most of the time, we actually fear it.
Thinking about changing means that we have to leave behind what we know. Most of the time, we are too busy focusing on the past, instead of looking ahead to what’s possible in the future. Then we hold ourselves back, and keep to the same routine and thoughts. Sound familiar?

While you may want something to change, whether in health, fitness, relationships or career…you may be hesitant to try anything new. This is completely normal. Everything you know or do is comfortable, and the fear comes from thinking that you will be worse off than you are now. To go towards something new means you have to leave behind the old, and to become comfortable with discomfort.

Changing can make you feel vulnerable. It is an uneasy feeling. And it can make you feel unprotected and exposed. But, massive progress happens right outside of your comfort zone.

It’s time to start thinking differently. When you go through change, you grow. Your comfort zone expands. Those things that previously intimidated you, will become your new normal. Everything you are exposed to, you can adapt to, no matter the situation. It’s just a matter of embracing the change and accepting some temporary discomfort.

To achieve a new goal, you must start accepting the changes rather than fighting it. So go ahead. Work out what you want. Think about where you want to be. Set that goal. Write your goal on a Post-It note, in your diary, set it as your phone background, heck share it with the world on Facebook! Just keep it in front of you and have it around you. Each time you see it, remind yourself of your WHY. Why you are on the path of change? Why do you deserve this? Why now? Why not now?

Get your mindset right and you can achieve anything. Set goals. Make new habits. Embrace them.

What are you going to change??

Be the difference

Be the difference