Do you ever ask yourself, why don’t I have abs yet!?

Although most people think they need to “work their abs” more, a chiselled core is made mostly in the kitchen. But you know that right? If you’re looking to get rid of that belly fat, here are 5 easy tips to help speed up your results!


  1. You’ve heard it since you were a kid, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

Make sure you eat a solid breakfast every morning. Skip the sugary cereals, donuts, and bagels, and swap those with some protein rich eggs. Scrambled eggs or veggie omellet are both great options that will help keep you fuller longer. Don’t like eggs? Try adding a protein shake or homemade granola bar. Anything high in protein is what you want to give your body to get you to the level you’re looking for.


  1. Add strength training to your routine

Boxing is a great way to help chisel your abs, as it works your ENTIRE core – but this is generally dismissed. (If you do not feel your abs every single hit, come talk to me and I’ll show you the way it should be). And to be clear, boxing works your core not just the front of your abs as most traditional ab exercises do. In addition to boxing, you can add in weights or strength exercises like at our Monday strength class. Building muscle not only speeds up your metabolism to burn fat and revel those abs, but also prevents injuries too.


  1. Include fat-burning foods in your diet

The best way to reveal the abs you’ve been working hard in the gym for, is to add in a variety of fat burning foods to your diet. Good foods to add are smoked salmon, plain greek yogurt, eggs, almonds, and also protein supplements. Adding in a few of these to your diet will help you build muscle, and burn fat quicker!


  1. Eat more, but watch your portions

Aim to eat three meals per day, adding in 2-3 snacks. Make sure each meal is well-rounded with a protein, carbohydrate, and a healthy fat. The key here is to eat more frequently, but not have three or four servings each meal. Eating more frequently throughout the day boosts your metabolism, and burn fat even faster. (Starvation works also, but only until you start eating again…)


  1. Trust the process

Abs don’t just appear overnight. Yes, it is cruel & unfair. You need to stay consistent with your food and consistent with your training. For me, the look of a 6 pack simply isn’t worth the trade off, so I am content with my fitlines. This is totally ok. However, if you want a 6 pack, then go get it! If you already have fitlines and a leaner physique, you are so very close – just stay consistent!!



Try out one or more of these tips, and let us know if it’s helping you get that shredded core you’ve been looking for! If you found these tips helpful, share this article with a friend!