Happy International Womens Day!!!


To celebrate some amazing women on this day, I’ve made a list of 5 inspirational women to follow on social media:

  1. Kaisa Keranen @Kaisafit

I’ve been following Kaisa since her & her previous training partner, Jennifer, had a joint account – and I still absolutely love her energy!! Kaisa puts up workout videos of her own training, examples of workouts you can do at home with just a shoe and also her #JustMove challenge exercises. Did I mention that she is always smiling as she works out. L O V E.



  1. Lilian Dikmans @liliandikmans

Lilian is such a bad ass!! She is super down to earth, is a model, and also does Muay Thai. The amount of power she generates in all her hits is AMAZING. I love watching all of her training videos. Her style is so easy to watch!!!


  1. Jen Esquer @docjenfit

This chicky is so inspiring! She’s a PT AND a doctor. Yes girl!! She does a wonderful balance of strength & mobility work, and puts out videos on how to improve your mobility with really simple exercises. She knows her stuff!!



  1. Cassandra Mamone @cassandramamone

So this one isn’t fitness related but she has to make the list. Cassandra makes the most DIVINE jewellery and is well know for her stunning engagement rings. Every single piece she makes is flawless and an absolute work of art. I actually met Cass at a hens day, without knowing who she was, and got along with her like a house on fire. She is a gorgeous, petite, pocket rocket with an amazing sense of humour, and so much talent to boot. Check out her rings – but be warned, you’ll never settle after you see her range.



  1. Sohee Lee @soheefit

Sohee is a trainer from America who does lots of glute building workouts (totally up my alley!!) and also puts out some really cool facts & infographics. Whether it’s about how to achieve your goals, what is stopping you from losing weight, how to maintain muscles while losing fat, etc – she really breaks it down into action steps you can follow.


Those are my 5, so get following!!
Is there someone else who should have made the list? Who is in your top 5?