Wondering what supplements you should be taking to help you train better?


Looking to improve your performance? Speed up your recovery?

Maybe your cupboard or shelf is full of so many different things, and you’re not even sure which ones you should be taking?

There are a few staples that should be included in your daily routine.


Or, have you taken supplements before, not really noticed any difference, so just left the bags & bottles in the pantry, but can’t bring yourself to throw them away because they were expensive?

As long as it’s good quality and not expired, it may be the thing you need to help you ditch the niggly knee or have enough energy to not get that 3pm slump.


I’ve been asked a lot about what I take, what brands I use and where I get my protein from.

I bundled all of these questions together in one short 5minute video.


The best supplements are the ones YOU need to function better, which means that not only will your energy increase, but your body will be able to do all the things it wants to do. Your muscles will be able to take and use the vitamins and minerals it needs, which means better recovery time, and you’ll also be able to train better, for longer.

Who doesn’t want that?


If you are looking for supplements to help you before, during and after traning, these are these top ones for me, which will help you too.

They help me recover well, any muscle soreness doesn’t stay too long, and best of all, I have loads of energy & don’t need to nap all the time! (Today is an exception as I got up pretty early to watch the world cup semi final. CROAAAATTIIIAAAAAAA!!! WE MADE THE GRAND FINAL BABY!! AJMO HRVATSKA!! *fist pumping and dancing around the lounge room*)

Sorry. Tangent. (Side note – Anyone coming to training tonight, you’re going to feel the pride & energy just oozing out of me. Tonight is going to be an amazing session, I can just feel it!! Oh man, the game.. Who watched it?? How good was that game!!!!)


TLDR? Croatia won. I’m happy. Watch the video below. Take the supplements. Get yo energy back!