3 tips to rock your week and stay organized!

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.” As cliche as this quote can sound, when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, it’s true. The biggest indicator for success when you’re starting to live healthier is to be organized and plan ahead.

So it’s Sunday, and you’ve got a busy week ahead of you. Meetings at work, boxing classes to get to, social activities, other commitments…and you want to eat healthy too? Me too girl! Here’s how you can nail a busy week and still crush your goals.


  1. Schedule it

Similar to your work meetings, schedule the days and times you’re planning on working out this week. Set a reminder, and treat it like a work meeting – it’s required! Figuring out your workout schedule ahead of time will help avoid “running out of time”. (I plan pretty well every hour of the work week. Ask me for my calendar, I dare you lol)

  1. Get organized the night before

I’ve been doing this one for years, and it helps me stay on top of everything! Before you go to bed, check your calendar, lay out your clothes, pack your gym bag and prep a healthy lunch. This will help the next morning when you’re trying to remember everything through the sleepy fog your brain is in. You will be starting your day less stressed, and you will also stay on track with your goals.

Bonus: I also find it easier to fall asleep as my mind is not running around trying to solve the worlds problems 😐

  1. Prep as often as possible

If you’re someone who gets pretty busy throughout the week, prepping your food ahead of time helps save a lot of time (and mental space!) during the week. I usually set aside 3-4hrs every Sunday and I prep enough food for 3 people for 3-4days. Then I generally prep a little extra on a Tuesday night and a little each morning. This will get me through the whole week. If you normally skip breakfast because you don’t have time, taking 10 minutes the night before to throw together a jar of overnight oats will give you a filling breakfast that you can just grab and go!

Another great way to save time is to use quick and easy swaps for healthy food. Pack your bag with healthy snacks like almonds, fruit, or seeds to have several healthy snack options on hand. These simple swaps will help you from running to the vending machine throughout the day!


These three tips alone will help you ease into working your new healthy routine into your busy lifestyle. Try out these tips this next week, and let me know what you think.. Which tip helped you save some time this week?