Looking for the best foods to eat to help you lose weight? Here are 15 different foods that will do exactly that! Keep in mind though, that in addition to what you eat, your fitness is still just as important. Make sure you’re keeping consistent with your workouts, and then add these foods in to speed up your results!

  • Avocado: Rich in L-carnitine that can metabolize (eat away) fat cells
  • Grapefruit: Known to help boost your metabolism. Choo choo!!
  • Kale: Contains a truckload of antioxidants, and can help fight inflammation in the body. Win!
  • Cinnamon: Helps regulate appetite and blood sugar. And taste wicked too.
  • Apples: Contains pectin which limits the amount of fat your body absorbs
  • Coconut oil: Easily digested by the body and converted into energy for your brain!! (Very important!)
  • Chicken breast: high quality protein, which helps your body build muscle. Or if you’re vegan like me, go for chickpea felafels – SO GOOD!
  • Flaxseed: contains dietary fiber, which is important for weight loss
  • Oats: Contains loads of fiber, keeping you fuller for longer. Or if you can’t tolerate gluten, hit up wild or black rice – yum!
  • Green tea: has antioxidants that boost your metabolism.
  • Quinoa: contains all of the essential amino acids, it’s packed with protein, and filled with fiber
  • Bananas: helps slow down the digestive process, and are so damn delish!
  • Acai berries: helps your immune system function more efficiently
  • Blueberries: packed with antioxidants, fights against cholesterol, and helps keep skin clear
  • Chia seeds: gives you an energy boost, normalizes blood sugar levels, and helps get rid of toxins


So, now is the time to add these in.

Add quinoa into your meals.

Add berries & seeds into your smoothies or granola, or even sprinkle on your cereal or toast.


Help your body to shred that unwanted fat…