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With our mindset program, we help you to remove what is holding you back, so that you can achieve your goals.

Hi, I’m Deanna, owner of Box it Out.

I created this program because I had dream clients who came along, joined our studio, but just didn’t seem to be able to achieve everything they set out to. And I also saw members come along, get some great momentum, and then leave to try something else as they didn’t achieve what they wanted.

When it all comes down to it, the reason we don’t achieve our goals, is our mindset. Our mindset determines our beliefs, and our beliefs determine our habits.

You see, so many of us TRY to make changes. We try to implement new habits. We try. And try. And try again.
Instead, if we can BE that version of ourselves that has made the changes, and has those new habits, it isn’t so hard. We aren’t trying, we are simply being.

After yo-yoing with my weight for years, things completely changed for me when I decided to get into the ring. My mindset changed from trying to lose weight/wishing I looked more like a PT should look like (eugh, ‘shoulds’ are the worst!), to I’m an athlete and I am strong as hell!

I put down 7kgs. (And I have kept them off ever since!)

And then I decided to get into the ring a second time. I dropped another 5kgs. Even though I was lighter already, it was easier the second time around.


Because I BECAME a different person.

I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I was being a lighter and stronger athlete.
Feel the difference in those two sentences?

And THAT is the key.

It’s not that you need a new gym/new program/new trainer. (If anyone tells you that only their way gets results, RUN!)
It’s not that you lack motivation, or don’t have enough will power. (I call bullshit!)
It’s not your fault. (Truly)
The missing piece is mindset.

And in the Next Level Mindset Program, I’m going to help you stop TRYING.
It’s going to be easier than ever.
You’re going to become a new you.

And I can’t wait to hear about how you’ve changed your freakin’ life.

21 day Next Level Mindset Program

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